More than 5500 years have passed from the time when mankind started to use the wheel, and we have arrived at the rubber tyre from the wooden wheel. Development and innovation are unbroken, new and better, safer and more environment-friendly technologies appear on the market from year to year. As the buyer's requirements grow, so do the demands to supplier Partners through the tyre companies. As, in the case of tyres, tread, geometry and appearance are equally decisive points of view in respect of usability and marketability, the requirement of continuous development is especially valid for manufacturers of curing moulds.

We are proud that, during the last 40 years, one of the most important drives and strengths of Tauform have been our capability of confronting these requirements, and working hard to preserve this capability for the future.

The predecessor of our Company was formed as a subsidiary of the the Tyre Manufacturing Company TAURUS, specialized in manufacturing tyre curing moulds and containers. In the beginning, in accordance with the requirements of the mother company, we dealt with the manufacturing of truck and agricultural tyre moulds, and/or truck tyre mould containers along with repairing moulds and containers.

The manufacturing and supply of moulds and containers for foreign markets started in 1982, and today, we practically supply nearly all regions of the world, starting with North- and South-America, Africa through almost all European countries. In other words, we are present on the global market as a global partner. Our objective is to extend our activities towards the states of the former Soviet Union and Turkey.

The company TAUFORM Kft is situated in two bases. The HQ, the design department and machine workshop take place on the Budapest Base, while the casting activities is carried out in Vecsés, in our own Aluminium foundry.