• We are a reliable partner of any tyre company all over the world.
  • We are a strong competitor of any other companies with similar production profile.
  • We are focusing on the satisfaction of our customers, our key factor is the constant development of customer care and service level.
  • Our strength are the quality, flexibility, innovation and experience.
  • Our corporate culture ensure the satisfaction and personal commitments of our colleagues to secure our common interests, objectives and values.
  • The foundation of our activity are the independency, stability and common growth.


  • As in the past, and in the future our key market is the tyre industry. We want to provide tyre curing moulds and containers to the players of this market.
  • Our key partners are the multinational tyre companies, however we are open for providing services to other partners as well.
  • Our main objective is to become the one of the most important service provider in this market in Europe.
  • During the manufacturing we use the most sophisticated equipment and technology.
  • Our strength is the experience and knowledge of our colleagues. We do everything to keep and enhance this advantage.