As an independent company, our primary goal is to serve our Partners fully and all-round, which not only means the fulfilment of orders, but it also includes the technical/technological cooperation.

Meeting the growing requirements of our Customers does not only mean first class technical preparation, but also the use of the latest attainable technology and production methods. Our high-speed, simultaneous, 5-axis CNC machining centers allow fast and high quality production of car or truck treads of any complexity without compromises.

For the fulfilment of turning activities occurring parallel to milling tasks, we have high performance CNC lathes for the diameter range of 100 through 2500 mm.

For flexibility and meeting the individual customer requirements specific engineering background is necessary. For this, we have such a technical / designer background that - using of the latest generation of CAD softwares, is capable of realizing all ideas of our Partners – including the processing of a multilingual 2D or 3D documentation in any electronic format, in an Anglo-Saxon or Metric System.

The staff of Tauform is a successful blend of old colleages having experiences of several decades, and of the young generation open towards new tasks and challenges. One of the keystones of Tauform's operation is the educated and devoted staff background which makes it possible to preserve and deepen the engineering and manufacturing experiences accumulated during several decades.

We have always given prominence to keeping and developing our core staff which is capable of fulfilling their tasks simultaneously with meeting the growing requirements both in the field of engineering and production. With the help of the solid and loyal human background, adaptation of newcomers and enriching their experiences also take shorter time than usual.