Our product portfolio has also changed in accordance with the growing requirements of our partners. The original portfolio only consisting of curing moulds for tyres of truck and agriculture vehicle, as well as containers for trucks has been expanded first with car tyre curing mould containers, then with car tyre curing moulds and those of motorcycles and bicycles.

Today, having in mind Customer requirements, our production capacity is tied up with the following products:

Tyre Curing Moulds

Curing moulds of car and light-truck tyres:

  • winter/summer/all-seasons/off-road tyres
  • aluminum, cast
  • aluminum, direct engraved (also moulds for High/Ultra High Performance tyres)

Curing moulds for truck and bus tyres, as well as for those of agricultural and industrial machines/vehicles:

  • aluminum, direct engraved
  • steel, engraved

Two-piece type curing moulds of agriculture, forestry and industrial vehicles:

  • mould-halves engraved in full steel ring with up to 2500 mm outer diameter