During both the production engineering and manufacturing, quality management is a first priority point of view. The basis of our activity is that all products manufactured by us shall unconditionally meet the quality requirements defined by our Customers.

To this end, our operations are harmonized with the ISO 9001 quality assurance standard since 1994, which is audited every year.

Quality work performance does not only mean a regulated process order, but also the use of modern equipment necessary for it. In the process of manufacturing, we use special measuring tools developed by us, but also the latest development of 3D CNC measuring arms in order to meet the rigorous requirements set for us.

As an appreciation of our quality work, we were granted the prize „Truck tyre mould supplier of the year” from the company Continental both in 2007 and 2008.

For our company being an independent enterprise, non-disclosure of business secret is given first priority along with quality. Separate non-disclosure agreements are concluded with each of our partners, and the observation of these provisions is enforced and continuously checked.

Our internal regulation system and the technological background supporting it ensure that the confidential information and technological data of our partners under no circumstances may become accessible for third persons.



Our Ltd. produces curing tools for tire production by direct engraving and casting process, which require the environmentally conscious development of production areas and the wider introduction of environmentally friendly technological applications. The primary aspect of our company is to be a determining factor of sustainable development with an environmentally conscious management strategy.

Applying the MSZ EN ISO 9001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001 standards, we are willing to operate integrated management systems that guarantee the complete fulfillment of our customers' demands, continuous quality improvement, continuous reduction of energy used, successful improvement of our employees' working conditions and protection of our environment.

Through continuous communication, we make our employees aware of the importance of complying with the requirements of the environmental management system, thus ensuring that they successfully participate in the development of environmental protection and are active and proactive with new proposals.

With our investments, we intend to implement developments that will enable us to continuously reduce the adverse effects on our environmental factors, paying special attention to significant environmental factors.

Management sets the following guidelines for its environmental performance:
- We carry out our activities in such a way as to meet the needs of our stakeholders while having the least adverse impact on the environment.
- We are constantly developing our environment-focused management system in order to minimize our environmental impact.
- We consciously strive to prevent the generation of waste and pollution during production.
- We comply with our compliance obligations by applying domestic and EU legislation and introducing other decisions and requirements.
- We are constantly looking for and exploring ways to reduce or even prevent unwanted risks, so we set goals and evaluate their effectiveness.
- We monitor the processes that affect the environment so that we can intervene immediately if necessary.
- We ensure that persons who perform work that affects the Ltd. environmental performance, have appropriate qualifications (competences) and receive appropriate training to achieve this.

Each employee must be committed to actively participating in sustainable development and the protection of our environment through their work.